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A dimly lit hallway where shadows of moths decorate the walls

Gummi Bears, bouncing here and there and everywheres

21 January
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...And then God said let there be Kate, and there was, and she was awesome...
l never know what to say in these silly little boxes... uhh l mean, hey hey, whats up? The low down on me? l'm 20, l'm semi-tall, l'm Canadian, l live just outside of toronto. l'm pretty easy going, but very outspoken l'm currently unemployed mostly because...its a full time job to be this cool...l plan on going for a photojournalism program at Durham, when l can afford it. l dunno really enjoy taking pictures, but they're nothing spectacular, l'm hoping there's something innately good in me that maybe courses will enhance, also a change of scenery would do me some good. l'm an aqueerius, l mean a queer aquarius...l mean, a lesbian with the astrological sign of the water bearer... there we go. l love scooby doo. l love daisies. l love being near lakes, l live just outside of toronto, l get a little redundant sometimes, and l like a lot of different types of music. l'm really random but thats cause of a.d.d and the fact life is too short to stay on topic. l'm vegetarian, left wing, pretty much a big hippie but here's the kicker: l don't do drugs *gasp of horror* clean as a green bean cause drugs ain't my scene... Thats whack, wiggity whack or just just regular type?

l'm a nerd, so l like really generic stuff: comics, video games, especially the old school 8-bit nes, legend of zelda owns my soul, books, movies, enviously drooling over tattoos, none of my own yet but soon l hope, photography, shopping, music, mythology, gargoyles, open minds, wood shop, watchin' cartoons in my pyjamas, thunderstorms, vegetarianism [working on veganism..l don't drink straight milk if that helps] outdoorsyness, anything retro/hippiesque, lord of the rings, the pillsbury doughboy, shrek, scrabble, daria, simpsons, family guy, clone high, undergrads, robots, scrabble, futurama, sharpies, sunsets, conor oberst, pierced ears, body mods, trudeau, swearing, pirates, down town, marvel vs dc comics, acoustic guitar, pauly shore, strong bad, ed the sock ...yeah l'm a big nerd...

As far as music goes, lf l were to list what l like, l'd be here all day... nothing you'd be into but whatever, ask me and l'm prolly down with it... except l don't like a lot of 'metal' or 'rap'... some though, besides l'm pretty open minded about music, tell me to download something and l'll have a listen for sure, might not like it but l'll listen to anything once. A lot of early to mid 90's and 70's music. l just realized this year, any band l like from the 90's is totally over... why? BECAUSE CRUCIAL MEMBERS DIED!!! Sublime, tripping daisy, blind melon, nirvana... what the hell, seriously.

My favourite movies are 5th element, kevin smith movies, the emperors new groove, detroit rock city, adam sandler movies, ben stiller movies, jack black movies, l don't know anything that'll make me giggle is good, a lot of old 90's movies, like tank girl, and l LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE those cheesy teen movies that are the epitome of cliche and are sooooooooo fake and l love them.

Books? dr seuss, definitely anything seuss, um...l guess l like hippie books, and orwell, stephen king, is gold... speaking of gold...stay gold pony boy...*tear* um...l like s.e. hinton cause the outsiders rocked my socks.